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Tree Removal San Antonio

Tree Removal Services by Patriot Tree Services

If you possess a majestic tree that necessitates removal, look no further than Patriot Tree Services. Our experienced team is equipped with the tools and expertise to efficiently and safely handle tree removals.

Why Choose Patriot Tree Services for Tree Removal?

Expert Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

If you own a beautiful large tree, chances are it will eventually require our tree pruning and trimming services. Our expert arborists encourage healthy growth, and you can learn more about our approach here.

Efficient and Safe Removal

Most tree removals are necessary for large trees, and Patriot Tree Service has the tools to efficiently and safely handle the job. Our team is trained to handle even the most challenging tree removals with precision.

Fertilizing for Tree Health

If your trees are struggling, we offer fertilizing services to help them flourish. Our team will recommend products and practices tailored to the unique needs of your trees and landscape preferences.

Tree Removal Pricing

  • Small Tree (0 - 10ft) $200 - $500
  • Medium Tree (10 - 25ft) $600 - $900
  • Large Tree (25 - 40ft) $700 - $1,400
  • Extra Large Tree (40ft or taller) $1,100 - $3,100

Call us today for a free quote on our tree and stump removal services in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area.

Tree Removal San Antonio

*Disclaimer: The above pricing guidelines are an approximation and not guaranteed. The estimate is based on information provided by the client regarding the project requirements and details. Actual cost may change once all project elements are finalized or negotiated and are based on the level of danger, accessibility (i.e. whether the tree is over a house, car, fence, etc.) of each project.

Tree removal Company Olmos Park, San Antonio AND HILL COUNTRY VILLAGE, TX

🌳 If you have a tree removal emergency, reach out to us right away!

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Regardless of the difficulty of your trees on your property, our team of tree service experts has the knowledge, experience, and certification to handle tree removal efficiently and safely.

Tree Removal San Antonio

Our Tree Services Include:


We have an excellent reputation and safety record. Don’t attempt to do it yourself! Call our tree experts today for a free estimate.

Tree Removal Services Olmos Park, Hill Country Village And San Antonio TX

We are your reliable tree removal company, serving Hill Country Village, TX, and surrounding areas. Our skilled arborists ensure the health, beauty, and safety of your trees throughout the removal process.

Tree Services Olmos Park, TX

Tree Removal Services Olmos Park, TX

Tree Stump Olmos Park

Why Choose Our Tree Removal Services?

  • Expert Trimming for Enhanced Tree Health: Our arborists use industry-leading techniques to selectively trim branches, promoting healthy growth and preventing the spread of diseases.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Our meticulous approach shapes and sculpts your trees, enhancing the natural beauty of your landscape.
  • Safety and Risk Mitigation: We identify and remove hazardous branches, reducing the risk of falling limbs during storms and minimizing property damage.
  • Increased Sunlight and Air Circulation: Proper tree removal allows sunlight to nourish lower branches and improves air circulation, reducing the risk of infections.
  • Expert Pruning Techniques: Our certified arborists follow industry best practices and employ advanced pruning techniques for optimal results.


Our Tree Removal Process

  1. Evaluation: Thorough assessment of your trees, considering species, age, and overall condition.
  2. Customized Removal Plan: Developing a plan based on our evaluation and discussing it with you to align with your goals.
  3. Careful Execution: Meticulously removing trees, making precise cuts to minimize potential damage.
  4. Debris Removal: Cleaning up and removing all tree trimmings and debris, leaving your landscape neat and tidy.
For professional tree removal services, contact Patriot Tree Services today!